Early Childhood and Preschool Education

Our program is based on the California Preschool Learning Foundations. Our staff is made up of professional American and Guatemalan teachers trained in early childhood education.

Elementary school education

All students begin each day in Chapel with a daily devotional and prayer and students also participate in Chapel on Wednesdays where we sing, pray, and worship the Lord together. Students in grades 1-6 receive instruction in English in language arts, math, science, social studies, Bible, and art. For language arts we used Pearson's Reading Street and for math we used McGraw-Hill's My Math.

Secondary and high school education

Our middle and high schools serve students ages 11-18 in grades 6-12. Students in grades 7-12 receive instruction in both English and Spanish every day. English teachers use the Common Core US Standards to guide instruction and Spanish teachers adhere to the requirements of the Guatemalan Ministry to ensure that upon graduation, students are well prepared to enter college in Guatemala or the United States. For special classes, students have the opportunity to study Bible, music, dance / theater, physical education, and computer / technology. All students begin each day together in the Chapel with a Devotional and also participate in the Chapel on Wednesdays where we pray, sing and worship the Lord together.

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